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About Primary Source Lending

Primary Source Lending was established in 2020 by the father and son team of Alma and Spencer Hansen.  With more than 54 years of combined experience in the Hard Money and Private Money business there is no other team in Utah that has the breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you on your next deal.  Primary Source Lending is unique in that the funding, underwriting, and approval process is all in house, which allows us to close your deal faster and at a more competitive rate.

Family Portrait

Our Team

We are a small, quick, and agile team that offers personal service.  You will work with the same people from beginning to end.

Alma Hansen

Alma Hansen

Alma has been in the hard money and mortgage business for over 40 years as an owner at Capital Assets Financial Services.  Alma is the proud father of 5 children and grandfather to 24.  He has served as President of the Utah Mortgage Lenders Association and has served in various volunteer efforts for his community.

Spencer Hansen

Spencer Hansen

Spencer has more than 13 years of experience in the hard money and mortgage business.  He was a VP at Capital Assets and is now Manager at Primary Source Lending.  Spencer enjoys time with his wife and 5 incredible children.  Spencer is passionate about offering a personal level of care to each of his clients.  He has a business degree from BYU and an MBA from the University of Utah  

The Primary Source Difference

At Primary Source Lending we hope to offer you unparalleled service.  We very much care about each of our clients and try to give them the experience they deserve.  We personally work with you through the entire lending process from the first phone call to a successful payment of the loan.  We are local to Utah in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley.  It's simple, you will work with Spencer, Alma, and Angie, our accountant.  If you call, we will answer.  There is a reason why we call ourselves Primary Source Lending, we are the source of the funds we lend so we can offer superior rates, close faster, and offer more versatility in the terms and types of loans that we close.  We hope you can see our vision that working with a local lender is far superior than answering to some random investor in New York. 

Tell us about your needs and let us know how we can help

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