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Rates and Terms

Let's get down to business.  Best hard money rates and terms in Utah.

Loan to Value Residential

Approx 65 - 70%

Loan to Value commercial

Approx 65 - 70%

Loan to Value Land

Approx 50 - 65%

Loan AMounts

$50,000 - $3,500,000


1 month to 5 years


2 - 3 points depending on length and LTV


7 - 11%

Types of Collateral

Real estate only - Residential, Commercial, and land


Mostly in Utah (residential only in Utah)

Up-front fees


Closing Time

As little as 24 Hrs. Varies on complexity of deal


Not Required. Property inspection by staff usually required.

Credit Score

Not usually required. Loans based primarily on VALUE OF COLLATERAL.

Lien Position

First position liens only. Seconds available if LTV is very low.

Ready to apply?  Please click on the link below or call 801-448-8975.

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