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Why use a local hard money or private money lender?

Primary Source Lending is located in the heart of Salt Lake City and lends throughout the entire state of Utah. We are not a large conglomerate lending institution, which means when you call us on the phone we will answer, or get back to you quickly if we are serving another client when you call. Because we are local to Utah, we know the real estate market in the state. If you describe the neighborhood in which you are looking to invest we will likely know the area and can offer immediate feedback to your loan scenario.

Because we are local to Utah, we can offer lending decisions far faster than other large lenders and significantly faster than a bank or traditional mortgage company. Most importantly, you will work with the same person, Spencer Hansen, throughout your loan process from beginning to end. We also like to personally meet all of our clients before closing.

You are not just a number at Primary Source Lending, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and hope to be able to serve you for years.

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